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put our experience and proprietary process to work for you today


Our Austin home inspections with on-site report delivery have only 1 goal in mind: make sure there are no surprises when it comes to your home.  We provide thorough, knowledgable, and pro-active reports that make sure you know exactly what you're buying or selling, and what repairs and maintenance you can expect.

Jeff Nipper

Jeff came to Austin in 2000 for school (Hook ‘em) and never left.  He met Ashley, his wife, working at Gregory Gym and they now have three boys. Jeff has been buying and selling real estate in Austin for over a decade and has always loved each step of the process.


He started his professional career in the mortgage field service industry in 2006. With the growth of that company and 3 subsequent acquisitions, he gained experience in valuations, title, and property management. After 13 years, Jeff left the company to leverage his knowledge and skills to build a business that would help people make informed decisions when investing in real estate. After attending Champions, the largest real estate school in Texas, Jeff was certified at the highest level possible by TREC as a licensed Professional Home Inspector.


As a natural born Texan, Jeff enjoys barbeque, road trips, and the occasional local beer. As a home inspector, Jeff brings thoroughness, professionalism, and extensive knowledge to each and every inspection.

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